Project Description

For years, Discovery has helped South Africans become physically healthier, drive better and ultimately live longer. But now for the first time ever, Discovery is helping South Africans become financially stronger with a bank that rewards you for practicing healthy banking behaviours.

To launch this new way of banking we started with an invitation for everyone to ‘Get On Board’. We reimagined the old classic, Get on Board song and modernized it, creating an earworm with a call-to-action no one could ignore. But we didn’t just invite South Africans to bank healthier, we created a piece of communication that showed them what it feels like. Because while every other bank tells you why you need to join them, we created something people would want to be a part of. So, in the end, we didn’t just launch a bank, we launched a way of life.

With the Discovery Bank product ads, we had one job; Explain Behavioural Banking.

So, we started a conversation. Conversations that unpacked what Behavioural banking is and all that comes with it. Introducing Discovery’s unique lexicon and dynamic product features through humour and of course simplicity. Ultimately creating consumable bits of information, one ad at a time. Be it from the bank app features, product benefits or how simply changing your financial behaviours, we opened South Africans to a whole new rewarding world with Discovery Bank.