Project Description

FNB, one of South Africa’s largest banks, has the payoff line of “How can we help you?”. And indeed they do help people with personal finance, home and car loans and even business banking. One day they came to us and asked how we could help them to convert and switch customers, whilst at the same time helping to uplift morale in the country?

During the process of creating a free and democratic South Africa, the voice of the youth has always had a key role in shaping the country we call home today. However, in the turbulence of recent years, that voice has appeared to have fallen silent as the greed and infighting have become the most prevalent subjects, on everyone’s lips. We went to the children and asked them how they felt about their country and their future.

We used their responses to create a moving speech that would bring the nation to a standstill. For the speech to have maximum reach and impact, we created a platform that the country could not ignore – South Africa’s first live television commercial.


recall after 5 days


of respondents liked FNB more


news and media items in 1 month


increase in new accounts

For the first time in South African television history, MetropolitanRepublic would convince all local broadcasters and digital publishers to air our live speech simultaneously across 20 television and digital channels. 1 in 4 South Africans witnessed the broadcast. What followed, was a storm of 2 434 432 unique social media impressions. The initial response was hugely positive. The content of the children’s speeches triggered controversy among the political hard liners of the ANC, but at the end of the day, was a massive victory for our youth. The public showed support for the campaign and FNB by a massive increase in accounts being opened.

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