Project Description

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times. Never before has the world faced such uncertainty, anxiety, change but, most of all such gratitude to those fighting this pandemic on our behalf.

In a time where everything we know is being taken away, from our freedom, our holidays, our jobs, our paycheck, even our loved ones. The only way to overcome what is taking everything we have; is to give everything we have. Those on the front lines have done exactly that. Giving everything, they have, in order to stop COVID19 taking everything we have.

And it is this determination that has inspired us as an agency to create great, inspiring and powerful work for those who are supporting the fight against COVID19.

However, we have been inundated with heartfelt tributes to those fighting this virus, so when our client Discovery South Africa asked us to help them thank all the amazing South Africans who have risked their lives for us, we had to think outside the COVID19 box so to speak.

That’s why we decided to take a more lighthearted and positive approach to a “thank you” ad. Not only thanking those at the forefront of this pandemic, but also saluting the less obvious. Those who took to new roles in lockdown, those who shared with their neighbours. And even those who simply stayed at home but lifted our spirits.

These small yet massive acts of solidarity, kindness, upliftment and all in all coming together as a nation, is what has humbled us all. And this is what we tried to capture to showcase South Africa’s resilience.  While taking a rendition of a song that we all know, and love to remind us that as a nation, as South Africans are stronger together.

So, here’s to you, and you and you for helping South African heal one day at a time.