Project Description

ILVE’s Display of Perfection and Quality

ILVE is a supplier of luxurious, hand-crafted cookers for the home as well as business environment. They are on a constant drive to innovate in the culinary space, while sticking to the traditions that got them this far. They needed a website that would display what they stood for while also showcase their wide range of quality products.


We were tasked with refreshing the ILVE website as well as aligning the brand’s aesthetic with its values and making it relatable to customers. We took into consideration the needs of ILVE, the trends in their industry as well as how customers viewed websites, and then proceeded to design the website around the insight we gained.

Our first task was to visually capture the luxury and high-quality standards that ILVE has come to represent. We shot detailed product images and videos that highlight the distinct craft that ILVE puts into their appliances.

We designed a visually orientated website that went hand-in-hand with the characterstics that ILVE products have. The design is contemporary yet simple, helping customers navigate the site with minimal difficulty. Our rebuilding of the site required that we positioned the brand’s look and feel to reinforce the ideals that ILVE depicts.

The end result was a website that translated what ILVE stands for – something customers would be able to interact with and imagine in their homes.