Project Description

Launching the next revolution in health.

Discovery has always had a very strong purpose.

It is a company that strives wholeheartedly to improve people’s lives and be a powerful source for social good. Fuelled by this belief, Discovery has helped people to become physically healthier, drive better and live longer.

Working on the launch campaign, we asked ourselves a few questions:

What’s next?
What about our financial health?
More importantly, what about the financial health of our nation?

Most South Africans are not good with money. The majority of people are financially illiterate, haven’t saved enough for retirement and are struggling with large amounts of debt. Even those who are well off, haven’t unlocked the full potential of their worth. They don’t know the extent of the amazing things they could achieve if they were truly financially healthy. Based on this insight, as well as on Discovery’s unique propositions of shared value and disruption, we decided to launch the next revolution in health. A bank.

We had the incredible opportunity to do what other agencies couldn’t: Start from scratch.

To rethink banking, challenge the norm and advertise a brand new, healthier way of managing money through the world’s first and only behavioural bank.

Upright card. Downright smart.
We like to think so.

‘Imagine the concept of banking didn’t exist. Imagine we erased everything we knew about banking and started again. What would it look like? How would it behave? How would we interact with it?’

This was the brief to MetropolitanRepublic when we were asked to launch Discovery’s new Bank.

It was clear from the very beginning that Discovery Bank was going to disrupt the banking industry as we know it, questioning and challenging the world that traditional banks had created in every way. They weren’t Just going to change one thing, they were going to completely change everything.

So, when it came to developing the Discovery Bank Cl, we took the same approach – starting with the bank card. We questioned every aspect of it. The size, the thickness, what it was made of, why and where it was used. It was, however, in the ‘how’ that we finally found the opportunity to challenge the status quo.

You see, 30 odd years ago, you would have produced this new, high-tech device called a ‘credit card’ and hand it to the shopkeeper. After admiring the swanky innovation, they would slide a non-electronic-manual-imprinter-thingy over the raised numbers on the card to make a carbon copy of your information. The copy would then be signed and mailed to the bank. No, not email. Mail-mail.

It made perfect sense. At the time. Fast forward to today – to the digital age – and everything has changed. Well, everything except for your bank card.

So the question was this: Why are our cards still designed for a machine we stopped using years ago?

Maybe it’s time we turned things around.

That’s why we designed South Africa’s first and only vertical card.

Our sleek, simple card range consists of gold, platinum, black and the exclusive purple. Striking block colour designs with a holographic logo at the centre of each to reflect the Bank Cl colours with every movement. Smooth engraving defines the cardholder’s name and account number. The final touch is a futuristic deciphering code embossed across the surface.

A card like no other, from a bank like no other, designed by an agency like no other.