Project Description

Nando’s has always built its brand on advertising and a little bit of tasty chicken. As one of South Africa’s most beloved brands, it has traditionally addressed major issues in numerous successful campaigns.

However, when it was time for MetropolitanRepubic to step up to the mantle, we saw that we had a smaller budget than previous campaigns. We asked ourselves, with smaller budgets than our competition, how could we use the most of our media in the face of the massive media spend? Easy, we used our paid for media to give a voice to the people. We used it to say things and have opinions on subjects that sometimes even the journalists won’t touch.

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We turned what was perceived as a weakness into our greatest strength. By saying the things many people fear to say, we sparked up massive public debate that turned into newsworthy events – selling a whole lot of chicken in the process.

We used humour to highlight serious social issues that were met with unanimous public support. Our campaign reached over a 3rd of South Africans. It was the 2nd most watched global YouTube video in August 2014, as well as hitting over 3.2 million views and counting – now that’s how you serve the people.

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