Project Description

South Africa has become a fertile ground for movies and television network services. DStv’s Box Office, Netflix, ShowMax and Google Play have entered the market with an ever-widening bouquet of entertainment choices, broadcasting capabilities and viewing options. With piracy, torrents and illegal downloads there is viable, ready-and-waiting market of untapped South African consumers, who have forgone the traditional bricks-and-mortar video store for home entertainment on-the-fly.

Most consumer downloaders are willing to pay for quality entertainment, but it needs to be accessible, inexpensive and watchable according to their viewing habits.

We took these three pillars to heart and created MTN VU: On demand entertainment available to every South African both on and off our network.

MTN VU; a premium entertainment network in South Africa, takes this offering to the next level with a full range of quality movies, TV series, documentaries and music content with free streaming for MTN subscribers.

Yes, that’s right, we said free streaming.

The rebranded platform has content from all six big Hollywood studios, along with programming from BBC Worldwide, Endemol and Freemantle.

VU also allows consumers to take entertainment beyond the home, to wherever you are. Logging into the VU app allows you to access content on the bus or while waiting in a queue. The app bookmarks where you left off with your latest episode or movie, allowing you to catch a few minutes whenever you feel the urge.

At the end of the day, our monthly subscription pricing is very competitive, the entertainment selection is broad and varied, our portability factor is revolutionising the way we do TV and movies, while free streaming for MTN users is our massive competitive advantage.