Project Description

When it comes to sacrificing by isolating one’s self for the benefit of society at large, there is only one public figure in the world who represents that. Nelson Mandela.

Following the success of the first three South African Tourism commercials created by MetropolitanRepublic, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and South African Tourism resolved to call on the philosophies and values of Nelson Mandela and use them as the foundation for the next campaign messaging designed to address South Africans in relation to COVID-19.

Lockdown had just been extended and claustrophobia was really setting in. People were feeling frustrated, maybe even trapped, haunted by one simple question “When will we get out there again?” We imagined that these were probably the same questions Tata asked himself and felt during those years of isolation. Instead of drowning in those questions, he used that time to consider his sacrifice – how it could benefit others and how he could come out of it and approach the world in a way that made it better.

This formed the basis of the creative idea. To urge South Africans to reframe this isolation in their minds from being restricted to looking at it as an opportunity to introspect and consider how they can be better when they came out of lockdown.

To distinguish the new batch of work from the previous, we used a worn newspaper look and feel as well as an old voice treatment to merge the Mandela era with our current world. This brought the beautiful archived material we were given access to by the Nelson Mandela Foundation to life.