Project Description

These three commercials are part of the South African Tourism’s campaign which addressed South Africans in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. The campaign message to South Africans was simple: Don’t travel now, so you can travel later. The challenge was that SA Tourism had just released a campaign asking South Africans to visit each other. So how do you tell the people you got excited to travel to suddenly not travel?

You show them the bigger picture – The preservation of life during COVID-19. So our storytelling arch became simple. 1) Urge people not to travel.  2) Tell them it’s for the preservation of life. 3) Show them what they have to look forward to on the other side.

This allowed South African Tourism to take the lead and set the bar for how other brands and sectors would communicate during this period.

Life & Soul

Launched 2 days into South Africa’s lockdown, Life & Soul was the right message to South Africans delivered at the right time. It gave hope in a time of uncertainty. Comfort in a time of worry. This resonated with South Africans which made the delivery of the message by our President to stay home, more palatable for our citizens.


 “This campaign has been created not to make money, not to sell a product, but to bring the country together while staying apart.’ – Mark Lives: by Kyle de Waal & Morgan Botha.

Very early in the COVID-19 fight it became abundantly clear that the sector that would feel the greatest economical effects of the lockdown and travel restrictions would be Tourism & Hospitality. This commercial served to inspire South Africans to imagine a time after COVID-19 when they would be able to travel again and how they will support the local tourism industry with their travels and Rands. It also gave hope to the tourism industry to push through and remain ready to welcome travellers again when we eventually overcame COVID-19.


“We will invest in our country right from our pockets…getting people working again”

Some of South Africa’s most iconic and unifying moments in history have been intertwined with sport and sporting events – Nelson Mandela lifting the 95 Rugby World Cup with the Boks. Hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Caster’s Olympic gold. Siya’s unifying 2019 Rugby World Cup winning team.

This commercial cleverly leverages team sports as a metaphor to unite the country by suggesting that each and everyone of us are part of one big team – Team South Africa. A team now faced with its greatest ever opponent – COVID-19. To inspire our citizens we referenced our winning spirit and how it has  previously helped us overcome the seemingly insurmountable…and how we should call upon that same spirit to overcome this challenge.