Project Description

In 2013, the Fish & Chip Co. was a relatively unknown brand. The few members of the public that knew of them had a hard time differentiating them from their competitors. It was MetropolitanRepublic’s task to differentiate them, put them on the map and do so in a big way. Just how big would surprise our client, the South African public, and even the presidency.

Young companies don’t come with massive television budgets, and with ours of only R500,000 we had to make every cent count. So, we used the power of celebrity – and we didn’t even have to hire one.

Using humour, we created an animated piece that satirised the controversial topic of the president’s newly acquired homestead and the particularly large family housed within – all at the taxpayers’ expense.

As we all know, the government has their finger in many media pies across South Africa. This includes specific television broadcasters. After submitting our piece, the national broadcaster banned the commercial the night before it was scheduled to flight.

We purposefully leaked the news of the banning to the free media and the reaction that followed set the nation on fire. Hundreds of thousands of people on social media spread the news of the banning of the ad. It also dominated every newspaper front page across the country. The video was downloaded over 2 million times.

By the time the dust had settled, we had generated over 20 million Rand in free media for our client. Not bad at all for a small fish and chip shop.