Project Description

The Vitality Open

‘85 000 non-Discovery member downloads’ – that was the brief to MetropolitanRepublic when we were asked to launch Discovery Vitality’s Active Rewards public campaign.

Up until now, Vitality Active Rewards and Vitality Drive have only been available to Discovery Vitality members and Discovery Insure clients. For a period of 10 weeks, launching on 13 September 2018, that was all going to change…

Vitality Active Rewards, including both the drive and fitness rings, would be opened up to all South Africans in an effort to get them driving safer and adopt an active lifestyle while getting rewarded. The idea was to introduce them to Discovery’s products and the Vitality programme, ideally creating the hook that would get them to sign up for a Discovery product during and post the campaign. Vitality Active Rewards is famous for its interactive, engaging in-app experience that rewards members for healthy activities and good driving.

Discovery app downloads
Insure app downloads
Unique registrations and VO activations

At the time of the campaign, this world of free smoothies, coffees, movies, exclusive concert tickets, fuel rewards, discounted flights and so much more had already created a large amount of FOMO among non-members. Based on this insight, we developed the creative concept of ‘Prizes for Life’. Everybody loves winning something. But what if you could win that something for life? That’s exactly what we offered participants. Smoothies, coffees, flights, fuel, tyres, concert tickets, Uber rides and even iPhones for life.

Of course, the campaign needed a name. It needed to land the ideas of gamification and competition, invitation and accessibility to everyone. Thus, we called it the Vitality Open. Numerous TV edits were developed that very clearly delivered the campaign mechanics and prizes. The TV campaign was supported by radio, activations, outdoor and online.