Project Description

The World’s Slowest Car Chase

When briefed to do a campaign for one of Discovery’s unique offerings – Insurance that rewards good driving – MetropolitanRepublic pulled out all the stops to ensure it would be a memorable and iconic campaign.

‘The World’s Slowest Car Chase’ brings to life an unpredictable yet familiar spy thriller, where even the police recognise the rewards and benefits you can receive when you drive well as a Discovery Insure member.

The TV commercial begins with police and military convoys pursuing a suspect through what looks like an eastern European setting. The drivers are seen diligently following the rules of the road, sticking to speed limits and stopping for red lights, all in the name of gaining Discovery Insure points.

The story of ‘The World’s Slowest Car Chase’ was seamlessly integrated into online and radio where the lead characters became entertaining spokespersons further highlighting each of the rewards through targeted direct response executions.

This one-of-a-kind campaign displays the shared value proposition from a one-of-a-kind company. Discovery believes members should be rewarded for good driving behaviour – because if people drive well, then there will be fewer incidents, therefore making our roads safer for all.