Project Description

Castle Milk Stout is one of the most celebrated and established beers in the AB InBev portfolio. Many people love to drink it, but many also don’t know how well it goes with food, and what a spectacular ingredient it is in cooking.

Our intention was to show what a great food pairing Castle Milk Stout makes. Our answer was Stout Chef Low and Slow 2017. We got the top food bloggers from around the country to compete in a reality-television styled cook off competition. Public votes determined the winner. This was primarily housed on social channels. The strategic intelligence lay behind utilising the food blogger community and the reach of their respective followers.

Our starting point was a massive, collectively combined social base which continues to grow to this day. Not only did we educate the people on the possibilities of cooking with Castle Milk Stout, but we also increased sales dramatically for our brand too.