Project Description

Wimpy wanted to let visually-impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants. To spread the word, we built braille burgers that blind people could actually read. With the help of skilled chefs, we took sesame seeds and meticulously placed them on burger buns so that the seeds formed braille.

We then delivered the Braille Burgers to 3 of South Africa‘s biggest blind institutions. These 3 companies have access to most of the 1 200,000 visually-impaired people living in South Africa. The staff of these companies loved the Braille Burgers so much that it motivated them to pass on the message about the braille menus to their massive network of visually-impaired people, through their newsletters and screen-reader emails. The Wimpy Braille Burger project has rapidly moved through the global market and achieved a massive amount of public support.

15 Burgers


800 000

visually-impaired people reached

$2 million

free media


return on investment

The campaign was written and spoken about in over 100 local newspapers, websites and radio stations. From there, the international media picked up on it and spread it all over the world. We received over 2 million Dollars’ worth of free media for a campaign that only cost $302. This means our return on investment covered our total cost 6,000 times over.

How we’ve built the brand